Takuya Okada


A boy was shown with a number stamped on his forehead and his mouth shut with a zipper. He was staring at a black dog that was running towards him from far away. When the dog tried to cross a railroad, an incoming train rushed past it and the dog disappeared. The boy turned around and began to run down the road. A tall stone wall was on the side of the road. The camera slowly rised, revealing endless rows of grey houses that had thick, long pillars that released black smoke -like one, big factory. Children entered a school. The teacher rapidly wrote long paragraphs on the blackboard with chalk, like a superhuman typewriter. The children -equally fast- copied them into their notebooks. Next was physical education class. The children played soccer, but something was off about it. The judge, with a white smiling mask, stood motionless while the children ran, as if there was nothing to judge because the children followed all the rules. Also, the score board constantly showed equal number of points on both sides, just as if both teams had equal skills. The scene then showed the teacher, also with a smiling mask, handing out scored tests. Astoundingly, all the tests the children received were correct. The children were then shown walking down the road in straight lines, presumably going back home. The boy that was in the first scene stopped, then looked to his side. The same black dog was again running towards him. The situation happened again; the train went past the dog and it disappeared.